Wizard Seeking Wizard
A Wizard Dating Podcast
3 years ago

S1E2 - Rivalry

Welcome back to Wizard Seeking Wizard, the dating show by wizards for wizards. Join your host Chemistro from the depths of the crystal sphere where he has been imprisoned as he attempts to make repairs and help this episode's wizards find rivalry

To stay sane in his crystal prison, Chemistro the Match Mage has put out the call to wizards across the multiverse. Wizards that want to meet other wizards! This episode we help wizards looking for Rivalry while we try to make some repairs to the old crystal prison.

Will Idrubov the Meek assert his will and his new filing system? Can Flora Bunnyhop overcome their natural goodness to live a life of evil? Will Impervion be able to do the actual thing he set out to do instead of something that sounds beguilingly similar? And can Vladka the Victorious conquer her memories of her ex, in addition to the kingdom over which she rules?

Not to mention, how did Hyacinth and Turpin's date go?

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Transcript here

Our wizards this week are: Idrubov the Meek, written, performed and sound designed by Brad Colbrook (@holographicva), Flora Bunnyhop, written and performed by Julia Rios (@omgjulia), Impervion the Imprecise, written and performed by Nathan Comstock (@nathanacomstock), and Vladka the Victorious, written and performed by Leslie Gideon (@TheLeslieGideon)

Every wizard personal ad in this show was written, performed and recorded by a member of the community. There may be some explicit language and variable audio quality.

Special thanks to Tal Minear (@starplanes) for creation of a terrible schlorping sound in our hour of need

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