Wizard Seeking Wizard
A Wizard Dating Podcast
a year ago

Trailer - A Word from Chemistro

Chemistro the Match Mage would like to tell you about the upcoming series Wizard Seeking Wizard. Featuring clips from personal the personal ads of Idrubov the Organized, Tashlynda the Tenacious, Grand Vizier Mashboo and Sekhmet of Neuroses.


CHEMISTRO Alright, Cupid are we recording?

CUPID Braaaaawk!

CHEMISTRO Good! Hail listener, it is I, Chemistro the Match Mage, coming to you from the depths of the crystal sphere where I have been imprisoned. The eons are long here and to stay sane I have put out the call to wizards across the multiverse. Wizards that want to meet other wizards!

SOUND Rising Synth Sparkle

IDRUBOV I seek, first and foremost, someone who might challenge me in organization.

TASHLYNDA I would just love to sit down and talk about dark magic over a cup of coffee, or a cup of evil! Which is a beverage I invented, mostly out of coffee

MASHBOO Yes, I did a long stint in the sultan’s dungeons for orchestrating a plot against his life. But that is my wont, as a vizier

SEKHEMET You see I think the, the teeth, are sort of, the the window to the soul!

SOUND Descending Synth Sparkle

CHEMISTRO Wizard Seeking Wizard is a dating podcast for wizards by wizards, featuring personal ads sent in by the magical community, where YOU get to vote on which wizards date each other. Follow us on twitter at wiz 4 wiz or find us wherever you pluck your podcasts from the ether.

I think that went well. What do you think, Cupid?