Wizard Seeking Wizard
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2 years ago

S1E7 - Romance II

Chemistro finds himself in a world of mushrooms

Chemistro finds himself a stranger in a strange land. A strange mush-land. But before he can explore it he has to get out of this orb!

Will The Corpse Baron find a nice wizard to raise the dead with? Will Wendla, friend to the winged, find a partner to fulfill the only need that her many, many birds cannot? Will Sekhemet of the Neuroses ever be able to calm down, even for a moment? And will Sonoria the Siren meet someone on her level who isn’t a vampire?

And why did we get a bill for Astrophel and Viggo blowing up a karaoke bar!?

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This episode was written by Marc Campasano and Max Kreisky, and sound designed by Tal Minear (@starplanes)

Our wizards this week are: The Corpse Baron, written and performed by John Serpico (@Johnserpico), Wendla, friend to the winged., written and performed by Kayleigh Kane(@kayleighlkane), Sekhemet of the Neuroses, written and performed by Maya Statin(@jokewitch), Sonoria the siren, written and performed by Saloua Amara (@dewdrop_mf),

Astrophel, Wizard Of the Stars, written and performed by Tal Minear (@starplanes), and Viggo the Vavare, written and performed by Stephen Cole (@nemospecific )

The ad in this week’s episode was The Path Down, an audio drama about privilege, grief, and superpowers(@thepathdown)

Every wizard personal ad in this show was written, performed and recorded by a member of the community. There may be some explicit language and variable audio quality.

Content Warnings for this episode: sexually explicit content, teeth , mushrooms again

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