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1 year ago

Wizmas Special 2020

'Twas the Night Before Wizmas


We have a special episode for you this month, the classic poem, the Night Before Wizmas, telling the tale of Chemistro and a strange encounter with that favorite wizmas character who we all know and love, the Archmage Saturnalion.

Transcript here

The Night before Wizmas was written by Max Kreisky and Marc Campasano. The wizmas theme was composed by Jake Isenhart. You can find them on twitter at Jake_Isenhart. Special thanks to Katie Newton for the idea and first four lines of this poem. Finally, thank you to our patreon patrons, Jordan Church and Kyra Romanello, whose donations made this special possible. Merry Wizmas, everyone! We'll be back next month with our usual show

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